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Ac compressor pulley noise

6. 9% of  Recently, I am hearing a squealing noise when the AC clutch engages (AC is belt and checked the pulley - it turns freely and there is no bearing movement. Oct 31, 2010 · I have a ringing noise coming from my AC Pulley on my 1997 Mustang GT its a manual if that matters. Compressor. So I spinned the a/c pulley with hand and viola - it was Problem: whining noise coming from a bearing in either the alternator, compressor, pulley (according to a mechanic, but he can’t tell at the moment). 99 $ 46 . (the part at the front of the compressor where the pulley is attached) When the electric compressor clutch is disengaged, the pulley spins freely. belt but if u changed it a year ago should be goodmore than likley that tensioner makin the noise! Same noise on both compressors. I The largest 4Runner community in the world. A rattling noise may develop from the AC belt tensioner. I dont know about generation, My subby is a H6 2005 VDC limited. Check the compressor belt(s) for wear and proper adjustment. Mar 26, 2007 · The type of compressor is an R4. Squealing and then starting up again. Loose pulley, flywheel, belt, belt guard, cooler, clamps or accessories. The noise is significantly reduced when i TURN ON the AC. It sounds like a hollow cylinder with a ball running in it. My truck has 64,000 miles on it just started making the tensioner noise . If replacement is necessary, loosen the belt tensioner or compressor pivot, move the tensioner or compressor to eliminate belt tension, and remove the belt. Fortunately, I was able to easily diagnose it (which put my worries at ease). AC performance may also be diminished when this occurs. Air Conditioner / heat pump Compressor screaming, singing, squealing, trumpeting, or water gurgling, whine, wuwuwu Noises - Air conditioner or heat pump noise diagnosis & cure: this air conditioning repair article series illustrates and explains discusses air conditioning compressor noises which range in importance from normal (if annoying squeaks and squeals, to rattling loose bolts and Here, we have enlisted the best car ac compressor for your ac system. 39. Normal noises include the sounds of A/C compressor clutch engagement, the blower motor, moving blend air and mode doors, and pressure equalization after vehicle is shut down. I am not sure exactly on how the clutch system works but when the engine is off I can spin the small "plate/clutchplate" on the outside of the bearing with my finger. Theres 2 bolts holding the hoses on the compressor, and 4 long ones bolting the compressor on. My noise was from the AC compressor. Car A/ C compressor,ac system components failure. Complaint: The AC compressor is making noise. see the post below which uses the exact same compressor with the exact same noise. Mostly it's when I first start it. I Nov 25, 2019 · In extreme situations where the first two causes of idler pulley noise are ignored, the idler pulley will get damaged and ultimately break altogether. Any problem in the system will create idler pulley noise, indicating there is Dec 05, 2017 · The noise you hear is the large bearings binding and then releasing in the pulley of compressor. AC was serviced 3 months ago. Piston hitting the valve plate. It still blows cold but when the compressor cycles on it makes a fairly loud rattling noise and when the clutch disengages it goes away. Clutch-Less Variable Displacement AC Compressor My AC idler pulley was sounding terrible, and I did not have time to source the 6301 sealed bearings and replace, so here's what I did. compressor is a Calsonic model CWV618a (V6 variable compressor) The compressor makes a screech/howl when the clutch is disengaged. Discussion Starter • #1 I figured there must be a belt around the compressor that engages when the ac is on. He said it needs to be replaced like the whole Ac compressor which will cost me around $200 for refurb (2 yr warranty) and $350 for new Is there any way of going by or maybe a While in the past you were limited to opening the windows and just dealing with the wind and noise, over 80% of new cars are now fitted with air conditioning. AC Compressor Drive Ring Inside the air conditioner's refrigerant compressor is a drive ring made of a friction material that is mounted to both The A/C compressor is a critical component of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Then there is a full warranty on the repair also. Aug 10, 2010 · Measuring is fairly easy. You can save a fortune doing it that way as long as it’s not a plastic pulley. 3 Signs of a Bad AC Compressor Failing Symptoms Makes Noise freezing - Duration: 2:44. Newbie Group: Members Posts: 1 Joined: 21-January 10 Jun 13, 2018 · AC compressor noise. I’m currently a 6 hr drive away from home and there’s no garages available. 2. May 25, 2015 · The compressor pulley is locked to the compressor shaft. 5L Air Conditioning Repair Kit 4PK Plate 4 Groove Pulley Bearing Coil 2. If  7 Sep 2019 Yank that pulley off, it might take some effort, but mine came off pretty easily. If the AC is off when I turn the engine off, I can. A good way to tell if it's the alternator pulley specifically is to listen for whether or not your automobile wails even before you touch the steering wheel. Jan 21 2010, 10:41 AM. 28 Aug 2019 The water pump, air conditioner clutch bearing (which will only be heard when the compressor is not engaged), fan belt idler pulleys or belt  14 Dec 2016 The bearings in the AC compressor pulley often wear out. Mar 03, 2017 · Like any mechanical system, it’s important to make sure your air conditioning system stays lubricated, and AC compressor oil is the lubricant for the job. the AC compressor makes a howling/screeching noise when the clutch is NOT engaged. Within a day or so the external most facing part of the compressor (outside of fan belt area) is not turning and AC is not blowing any cold. The pitch of the whine raises with an increase in RPM and the noise only happens when the compressor is engaged. Air Conditioning ∕ A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley. The serpentine belt rides the A/C compressor pulley every time the engine runs, but the A/C compressor is working only when the A/C clutch engages it. Air Conditioner Makes a Squealing Noise. Banging or clanking: These types of noises are often caused by a loose part or system component, such as a connecting rod or piston pin. Order A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Options. Mar 03, 2017 · An air conditioner compressor beginning to fail, a compressor pulley or serpentine belt that is beginning to wear out or the compressor clutch can cause a rattling noise. Apr 21, 2015 · On the other hand, when AC compressor failure causes your system to breakdown, you have a major AC emergency service problem and a big expense on your hands. The A/C compressor pulley wobbled and made noise when I spun it. The AC compressor puts a heavier load on the drive belt and may cause other components to make noise. It was miserable. So, if you hear the noise when the compressor is off, the problem is Jun 23, 2010 · I think the compressor bearing is bad because the 'whirring/chattering' noise only comes on when the a/c is engaged and only when revs are high. My ac also went last Friday, stopped providing cold air, and the clutch is not spinning, the whistling sound started at the same time. Sep 03, 2012 · Looking for some AC help My girlfriend started her truck and it's started making terrible racket/grinding noise I've had this weird feeling that the ac compressor is on its last leg for some time now I climbed underneath and sure enough there are metal shavings on the compressor pulley and it looks as if the pulley might be stripping out The AC compressor squeals when it engages - using the AC in the summer and occasionally the defroster when its not cold out. Each time Jan 11, 2007 · Hello: Newbie here. Got a new problem. The AC compressor pulley has a bearing as well. When the compressor seizes or takes too much power to turn, the pulley is designed to fail to protect ur serpentine belt Aug 09, 2019 · When you open your hood, you may find that you have belts attached to the alternator, water pump, AC compressor, and power steering. timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. Apr 24, 2004 · alright guys, I just replaced my alternator thinking that i was hearing the bearings going out. Either way, if you run it with the belt and the compressor is locked up, or the bearings in the pulley are bad, you'll eventually fry the belt, it will break, and probably take out your PS belt when it goes. My AC compressor is starting to take a shit, it started to squeak a little when engaged a little bit ago and now it’s turning into more of a squeal and it’s going to be long until it lets loose. In a word, no we can’t. According to Denso: 99. As the compressor is the heart of the AC system, the Automotive Ac Pulleys are the cardinal components of the air compressors, which are responsible for the proper function of the air conditioning system. As soon as I turn off the AC / defrost the noise stops. When the system went bad, you could simply take off the belt and quiet the compressor. 020" gap and the dragging will cease. It is controlled by a clutch system wherein its shaft is connected and disconnected to the rotating shaft of the flywheel by an electromagnetic switch. I found a pulley on amazon. Many people's B car has this problem. Aug 08, 2017 · The AC compressor clutch is one of the most common points of failure on the compressor. My car is a 2012 with 35K miles, the last 7K miles with a 15% OD lower. Then just last week and again last night the car has actually made this noise with the ac button on and there's no way to stop it. It is able to free-wheel fine (no noise and the pulley spins smoothly), so driving without the AC there is no noise. We only need to remove it to: Rule out the alternator and power steering as the source of the noise; Replace the AC belt (if you have a new one) The AC idler pulley itself can be replaced without completely removing either belt. There should be no noise from it at that time. Come with easy installation, made with high quality metals. A belt tensioner that consists of a bolt plate that mounts on the engine, a spring-loaded arm and a pulley applies tension to the belt. Thanks buddy! I removed the serp belt and spun the compressor clutch and heard a grinding noise. The A/C clutch bearing and pulley assembly on both A/C compressors are retained to the front of the compressor 【VEHICLE FITMENT】- This AC Compressor, A/C Compressor, Air conditioner compressor fits perfectly for Jeep Wrangler 85-90, suit for SD508 Sanden Style AC Compressor V-Belt 2 Groove Pulley 3/4" 7/8" A/C Ports. The compressor is a vital and expensive component, and when it goes you may find yourself dropping a lot of cash on a new AC unit. If the ac is still blowing cold air the compressor is probably still operating fine. The A/C compressor is responsible for transmitting cool air into the passenger cabin. Best Regards, Wayne A/C operation, normal noises. At first I was thinking clutch but Most modern vehicles use a serpentine belt to run the engine accessories such as the power steering, air conditioning and alternator. Failure of the air conditioning compressor is common because moisture or clogs in the system will place stress on the compressor. But if I hear the sound, I can stop it by turning off the AC button. If your compressor is located near a wall or in a corner the walls act like a loudspeaker reflecting the compressor noise back into the work area. Remove tension from idler pulley and remove pulley. I was thinking about just doing an ac delete pulley till then but I dont know 98 gtp sedan forest green ,S1X intense cam,Intense pcm,Magnaflow exhaust, ubend delete,TEP trans 3. After some searching, I found the idler pulley or even the alternator pulley could be the culprit. This would be after startup for the alternator, when turning the wheels for the power steering pump or when the AC turns on for your air conditioning compressor. Older versions of this pulley, found on vehicles prior to the mid 1980s, used a V-belt; since then, the system has used a multi-ribbed serpentine belt to drive the I replaced my ac pulley this past summer. 7 A/C Compressor Noises that Need Professional Attention. The noise seems to be coming from the plate on the pulley, but it also chudders a bit when the car idles. A/C compressor not engaging. I replaced the compressor, drier and  30 Jul 2014 Belt noise is the 'check engine' light that something is wrong with the Most chirp noises occur as a short belt span enters into a grooved pulley, typically the alternator air conditioner compressor water pump serpentine belt  Ac Compressor Noise, replacing bearing in compressor pulley USING A ZEXEL COMPRESSOR,YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPLACE THE  9 Mar 2012 Hi all. The best part is, our Chevrolet K1500 A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley products start from as little as $36. In any auto air conditioning system, there are several key parts. Coolant could have spewed out of the radiator onto this belt and damaged it. We will give the best quality and competitive price! We can supply wide rang of products with excellent quality and perfect aftersales service, enjoy high reputation from domestic and overseas OEM customers. The pulley and pulley bearing can be diagnosed and replaced with the compressor still installed in the vehicle by following the procedures below. The clutch doesn't engage the pulley, it engages the compressor. 6L/5. Take the AC belt off and see if the noise goes away. If you get noise with the ac off, then the ac clutch pulley bearing is bad. Air compressor,a/c compressor of this series are very popular in the whole world ,we are one of the best manufacturer of this series in China . I think it may have decreased, but there still is a loud noise. The result is the damaged belt is unable to fully grip the compressor pulley when the magnetic clutch engages and slips until the compressor pulley is rotating So long story short, same noise, same symptom. Suggest to use Denso Part NO. When it comes to your Chevrolet K1500, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. A bad air conditioner compressor can make a lot of noise. So I guess the clutch is engaging as it is suppose to, but for some reason it is making that loud clicking noise. Lack of oil in crankcase. Get the numbers/name/model number off the side of the compressor. This pressure pushes the refrigerant through the rest of the system. The clutch can seize, which keeps the compressor perpetually activated; or it can break, which means the compressor will not be able to receive engine power. Remove snapring from pulley that retains bearing. If only the pulley rotates, there must be an issue in the system. Jul 01, 2011 · My 94 GT just began having an issue with its ac. Remove the compressor cylinder head and inspect for foreign matter on top of the piston. put the belt back on and try to see if there is any difference in noise when I turn on the AC and off. Jul 27, 2012 · How To Locate A Noisy Idler Pulley - Duration: 7:44. It's also quiet when the AC is off and the pulley free spins and no noise. This morning the noise was back. People in the forum say the Zexel compressor should last > 225K miles, this is why I replaced only the pulley bearing and not the whole compressor. Post #1. I installed it and I still get the same thing. I watched it cycle on and off while the engine was idling. 2001 Accord Coupe, 2. That set was $110, but from china-aftermarket. But there is a reason for that. didn't feel like any of them are failing. Jun 28, 2020 · So the AC pulley is actually pressed onto the compressor's body and is always connected to the AC shaft through something called a hub plate with 6 rubber dampeners. ) Very low suction pressure. so is the clutch going bad? or a bearing? if the clutch, can I replace just the clutch or do I have to replace the entire compre Compressor clutch doesn’t engage (If system equipped with a low-pressure switch. This is a test. The AC belt system consists of the compressor, harmonic balancer, idler pulley, belt auto-tensioner pulley. When my car is running, there is a whining sound that matches the rpms of the vehicle at all times. If there is also a cooling performance complaint, the noise could be caused by a low refrigerant level. Nov 17, 2015 · The noise can sound like serpentine belt or pulley rattle noise, as a belt chirp or as a thumping/grinding noise coming from the A/C compressor at vehicle startup. . yeah x2 on the tensioner pulleycould also be the bearings in the ac compressor. The pulley turns all the time with the compressor off. Front hubs can be either rubber vulcanized or spring mounted assemblies. Again, cheaper than a complete compressor. So today I saw the tensioner pulley and it looked like it was vibrating with the AC on and making a noise. GM has issued a software fix to correct the problem. 3. It doesn't sound like the belt, really. If this is the case, you probably will also notice the squeal or squeak when that accessory is taxed. This can be done by releasing tension on the drive belt tensioner and removing the serpentine belt. That's your AC compressor crankshaft damage. That pulley could be making noise even though the clutch is not engaged. 1. Jun 23, 2010 · It's the air compressor pulley bearing. 036" It's held on with 1 bolt in the center of the pulley. Pulley: If the compressor pulley bearings are failing, they can make noises, generally a grinding, roaring or squealing noise. Hello, my 2006 Sienna XLE (approx 63K miles) AC compressor is making a noise when the clutch engages. I was getting a horrible squealing sound from the front of the car, so I popped the hood and the pully for the ac compressor was coming to a complete stop. _____ Ok so I have no noise at the tensioner pulley until I turn on the AC. When amplified, a good bearing will hum quietly and a worn bearing will grind or scrape. Aug 09, 2017 · My 1998 S70 GLT AC Pulley Bearing with 185K miles has been making some faint noise for the last 2 years, I know the AC pulley has been free-wheeling for 2 years. 1985-1986 Jeep CJ7 2. Nov 08, 2013 · I try to suggest to replace the whole compressor at work as a clutch for some applications is almost as much as a replacement compressor. The clutch allows the pulley to engage and disengage from engine power so that the compressor only turns when necessary. First thing you need to do is isolate which system is squeaking. These are UAC CO 4918AC – An Outstanding AC Compressor for Car, ACDelco 15-20941 – A Superb Compressor for Your Vehicle, UAC CO 10736C - A Great Compressor for Truck, Suv and Car, New AC Compressor Kit – An Effective Kit for Honda CR-V and Si Coupe, RYC AC Compressor and Clutch – A Great Package for Your Vehicle The AC compressor is the first component which starts the AC cycle and therefore, a fault in it will put a dent in the performance of the AC system. Locate the noise by duplicating the conditions under which the complaint occurred. If the noise you hear is when the compressor is not engaged, then it may be the pulley bearing is bad. Marsh · Registered. There is an air gap for the clutch that may be problematic causing the clutch to drag and cause the noise. The armature plate and hub assembly are fastened to the compressor drive shaft. Guaranteed to Fit $276. When the A/C clutch wears out, it is often noisy when the A/C is turned off. Usually, the only solution if to replace the compressor. The blue bits under the pulley function as a fuse. One of the key components of the A/C system is the compressor. 1984-1984 Jeep Cherokee 2. Troubleshooting done so far: replaced o-rings on power steering pump. The A/C compressor pressurizes the refrigerant in your air conditioning system. Pulley: If the compressor pulley bearings are failing, they can make noises, generally a grinding, roaring or 73111-SA010 AC Compressor Clutch Assy for Subaru Forester Impreza WRX 2007-2014 2. It is made up of a compressor housing (compressor, valves, and oil fill), connection points for refrigerant pipes, and a pulley with a magnetic clutch. 4 out of 5 stars 2 $45. Air conditioning compressor bearing. this coming weekend i am going to replace through a/c idler and tensioner pulleys and see what happens. ac/compressor pulley replacement on a 2000 gt 4. Another good air conditioning noise is the roar of the condenser fan. This is 1995 Thunderbird LX. 73111-SA010 AC Compressor Clutch Assy for Subaru Forester Impreza WRX 2007-2014 2. A0012303511 or A0022301311 Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 115 well be more better. @missileman, yes the static is weird. OK so my car started to make a weird rattling/ grinding noise and through testing Ive found that the pulley attached to my ac compressor is not loose but some plates underneath it that seem to go with the compressor are and when i press on the plates they replicate the noise i hear and am not sure what direction i need to go in fixing them If it only makes noise with a/c off- then your air gap is too narrow and the clutch driver is dragging against the pulley rotor face. This came about due to a faulty low pressure port that leaked out oil when   Got a grinding noise coming from my AC compressor. The clutch mechanism is, basically, the flat front section ("ring" in the photo) which is pulled in against the pulley when the AC relay closes. The ac on this 3. The compressor is coming on. According to Denso:” 99. The refrigerant travels though the lines and is cooled by In addition, pulley misalignment can cause the belt to enter the compressor pulley on an angle, also causing noise. I tried turning the pulley by hand and noticed that the noise is being made by the plate that is on top of the ac pulley, as you spin this plate against the pulley it makes that noise. Most of the documentation states that the pulley/bearing/and plate is not serviceable and that a new compressor is required. Also a little hesitate from the engine. 4 smoothflow mps,Dyno'd 281hp and 371ft #'s of trq at the wheels Oct 27, 2008 · They also stated that the noise i was hearing was "normal" It doesn't seem normal to me, since I have never heard the compressor b4. Remove the bolt from front of the pulley & remove circlips, release the pulley, fit new pulley, & use some thread lock on the pulley bolt when reassembling. There are shims at the end of the compressor shaft to set the gap. My pulley started with the clicking and then one day the clutch pulley just seized and locked up. If it’s any longer than a few moments and any louder than “slight,” then you should investigate other causes. Your AC compressor requires lubrication for proper functioning and a long life because anytime you have metal parts rotating or sliding they will fail quickly if they aren’t properly Loud noise from Alternator/AC compressor area 06 Jetta now with videos (and sound) This morning on my commute I started getting a noise from the engine. Jun 01, 2017 · Sign #2 – A clicking, rumbling, or rattling noise: Similar to the noises above, a clicking sound when the AC starts could mean that the compressor motor mounts have failed and the motor that distributes cool air from within the compressor has come loose and started thrashing around inside the sealed area that houses it. It sounds like a little 12volt AC tire pump/compressor, every time I start the engine. If your AC compressor is shot and you don’t want to put big money into fixing the AC system, an AC compressor bypass pulley is the best way to deal My 2007 B200T had this problem. I figure its the clutch or clutch bearing. Using a pick between the outer race and the plastic bearing seal, remove seal. Check for possible damage to bearings Replenish the oil level. This can be caused by an internal fault with the AC compressor. Well,I had more time this morning to work with it and found the tensioner pulley was rubbing the tensioner slightly,so I sanded some material off the plastic pulley to gain clearance and it was a little better but the noise was still there so I removed the a/c belt and the noise was gone. Another sign of a failing AC compressor is a clutch seizure. FILTER RESULTS. I'm thinking the compressor is going bad. Everything worked good. It appears to be fine and at the correct tension. Many times this kind of noise can be eliminated or greatly reduced by changing the belt adjustment. Well removed ac compressor today bearing ok . My car is coming to 5yrs old and the AC is getting noisy when it kicks in, I can also feel the vibration. Tighten any loose ends. My Clutch  The most common causes of a loud knocking or banging noise are: A loose part in the AC compressor. the clutch does not spin as freely and not sure if it should? Is there any way of Oct 31, 2010 · I have a ringing noise coming from my AC Pulley on my 1997 Mustang GT its a manual if that matters. The "plate" that sits on the outside of the pulley is making the noise. Doesn't look like I can get a smaller belt and re-route either, because the belt tensioner sits between the crankshaft and compressor. Supporting information: The whining noise stops or is less severe when the AC is turned on. If you are getting proper cooling then all you need to check is the pulley and topup Ac refrigerant gas R134a. It blows out air, but not cold air. ) Very low discharge pressure. 00+. 4pk Pulley Belts Auto Ac Compressor For Air Conditioning , Find Complete Details about 4pk Pulley Belts Auto Ac Compressor For Air Conditioning,Compressor For Air Conditioning,Auto Ac Compressor,Compressor For Air Conditioning from Other Air Conditioning Systems Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Kinglebon Machinery Equipment Co. 0L 2. Figure 1 depicts the view of the belts underneath the air intake. just a little bit of play in compressor pulley when I pushed back and forth from the side 4. Also check around the transmission to engine connection--I don't know if it's relevant here but some people have had knocking sounds with a plate that is part of the torque converter connection to the engine. A damaged or failing compressor will not be able to properly regulate the refrigerant flow in the AC system, and as a result, the AC will not function properly. When i got ready to install the new clutch, i noticed the shaft on the AC compressor had basically worn a groove on half of the outside tapered part, about 1/16th of an inch. my first thought was a glazed over serp. Advance Auto Parts has 3 different A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. I got a new idler pulley for my 95 altima to get rid of the painful noise. I pulled the belt off and gave each a spin. It sounded like the AC compressor but I guess because the idler pulley is so close it sounded like it was coming from there. A binding bearing will easily tear up a new belt and they make a lot of noise. if the ac compressor pulley is not turning could that be related to the alternator going out 1 Answer. The air comes out ice cold, and will continue to come out alittle with the system turned off. If you are using R12 refrigerant in your ac compressor, bubbles in the sight-glass ** TIP – the sight-glass will never be clear on a 134a system. I also assume if it was the pulley bearing then the noise would be constant since that belt always runs whether the a/c is on or not. Replacing the idler/tensioner bearing was a good thing to suggest. Central air conditioning systems include an indoor evaporator unit and air handler as well as a large outdoor unit that contains the compressor. These include the air conditioner clutch assembly, heat exchanger, compressor, drive belts, and pumps. Loud noises when the compressor When the ac is on, the ac pulley is locked to the compressor by the ac clutch. The pulley will form cracks and start to break apart a little bit at a time. When I turn the AC on however the the center part of the Compressor with the 4 bolts starts to spin and that is when the loud clicking noise starts and it coming from the compressor pulley. Long screwdriver sends the sound from the compressor to my ear pretty well. 99 FREE Shipping Ac Compressor Noise, replacing bearing in compressor pulley. As soon as the belt for the AC was pulled and the Aug 10, 2010 · Measuring is fairly easy. Replace belt or compressor/pulley issue? Reply to Thre You cold likely adjust that belt to stop the noise. now -- I took the belt off and spun just the clutch (pulley stayed still) and no noise - but when spinning just the pulley I get the noise (see clips Re: Swift AC Compressor Noise Hi Itsmedivine555, It can be the Ac clutch pulley which needs to be cleaned and lubed or Ac compressor running on low gas for long time. Loosen the adjustment pulley bolt kinda behind the power steering (this is to relieve the tension on the belt) and then vice versa. The AC Compressor replacement cost is minimal compared to the amount of comfort and solace that a nice cool can provide on a hot summer day. AC is still blowing cold air and I  1 Feb 2019 air conditioner squealing noise br mcginty arkansas units use a fan to draw air across the condenser coils located inside of your compressor. So if you borrow the correct tool from autozone- you can pull the clutch out to . Compressor Mounting - Check for: Jul 14, 2019 · My AC wasn’t blowing cold and heard a clicking noise so I look under the hood and the pulley is cracked? $900 for an OEM AC compressor or do I go for $280 remanufactured? Quote Reply Jul 14, 2019 Jul 10, 2012 · I have a '97 Pathy, and the bearing on the pulley in front of the compressor is making a constant grinding noise, whether the clutch on the compressor is engaged or not. On older models there was a separate belt driving the A/C compressor. Add to cart. 99 The AC pulley, or air conditioning pulley, is located on the front of the air conditioning compressor and drives the compressor with help from the engine's accessory drive system. The pulley is hollow so the clutch electromagnet coil rides inside it, and it pulls the clutch plate into the front of the pulley to engage the air conditioner compressor. The air conditioning system on a vehicle has a number of components that work in concert with each other to deliver cool air to the passenger cabin. The noise goes away when I turn the AC ON. This will create a chain reaction where the serpentine belt start to tear or completely breaks. When you turn on the A/C compressor, there is a loud clicking noise, turning off the compressor, makes the noise stop. The noise BTW sounds almost like a supercharger whine. Either way I would recommend you have a qualified mechanic to do a complete a/c inspection to see if the compressor is leaking or the failure cause. I turnd the A/C off for the 20 min. Compressor Noise Complaints. The belt routes around the pulleys in a serpent-like manner, hence the name. 1-24 of 85 Results. 125" for Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty Air Conditioning Repair Kit Plate Pulley Bearing Coil, Replace F7UZ19D784AA $46. I had some noise from my AC, which seemed to be resolved after I had the oil changed. pulley bearing is available separately on that one, but it may be. Here is a short video of the compressor, you can hear the clicking. Not sure if it is the compressor going bad or a bad clutch? I pulled the belt and the pulley spins freely. The compressor contains many moving parts and it can wear out internally over time, causing a rattle that will manifest every time it clicks on. Quote">>loud noise when I do not have the AC turned on<<" OK: Some confusion going on here I think. Was in the process of recharging my AC compressor and the clutch started making a squeeling noise. Aug 16, 2011 · When the engine is running, the compressor pulley is always turning, but the compressor itself isn't working until the clutch is engaged. the bearing in my ac/compressor is making an awful noise i bought a new pulley with the bearing included and the tools to remove and install it but i cant seem to find any instructions on how to remove and replace just the pulley any help anyone can give me on this would be greatly appreciated as i am broke and cant afford to pay someone Dec 17, 2004 · Since this belt also drives the alternator, I was wondering if there is a way to circumvent the AC compressor, and just run a different length belt from the alternator to the main pulley. 25 Nov 2019 such as the power steering pump, AC compressor, water pump and When you hear a noise coming from the idler pulley, it can usually be  Initially I was worried this noise was a bigger, more costly issue (AC compressor ?). Car A/C compressor,ac system components failure. The noise comes directly from the compressor or component on it. Many noise complaints can be traced to the compressor mount and drive. Over time, you may notice your A/C not performing as it should. The other problem is that the ac is not disengaging and still makes noise after it is turned off. When you hear the noise the ac compressor is on its way Out ! the noise in my clip was related to the idler pulley, I changed it out and the noise went away. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. Fitment: 1985-1987 Jeep Cherokee 2. Free Same Day Store Pickup. when AC is turned on (clutch engaged) the noise goes away. Discussion in '2nd Gen. After the conversion, the AC worked fine with no noise, only the normal load noise you would expect to hear when the compressor kicks on. Wasn't until this spring that it got to the point of not wanting to drive my car it was so noisy. Feb 20, 2020 · An idler pulley or engine pulley steers and tensions the engine drive belt (serpentine belt), which drives several engine accessories including the power steering pump, alternator, AC compressor, and water pump. I also Find Air Conditioning Compressor Pulley Removal Tools and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! 07 XT 5sp Its been making noise for 2-3 weeks now, tonight I finally was able to get it into the shop and troubleshoot. ) Use Compressor Sound Deadening Materials – Compressor noises are reflected off solid objects such as walls. the pulley looks like it is two parts, a pulley and then a cover, the pulley always spins,but the cover doesn't, then the out part (cover) begins to spin and makes a noise. Have you ever fixed your car's air conditioner compressor? Is it worth it to hire It might require removing the serpentine belt or loosening the tensioning pulley. Suspected Clutch Rotor Bearing Noise . Could be a clutch or compressor bearing starting to fail, or a clutch bearing that has failed and shuts up when clutch is engaged (the AC compressor clutch of course). What 8 Nov 2013 In addition to the AC compressor clutch, we also talk about repairing the AC belt idler pulley and other possible noises during AC operation. This is the part houses in the outdoor unit. I recently took off the serpentine belt and spun all my pulleys by hand and they were all quiet except for this one. Save on cost when you find your Ford replacement A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley with us. Is this a second failed compressor or is this noise from the old clutch/pulley bearing? Order Ford F150 A/C Clutch and Components online today. If you know the source of your noise is the ac idler pulley, you can skip removing this belt. I checked the tension on the belt and tried both loosening and tightening it. I went back in the garage inspected the belt (bought it at advance auto parts) it seemed fine. It's a clutchless compressor, there are no moving parts in the pulley. 99 Tonight I noticed when under the hood that the compressor is making an above average noise level and also noticed that when I throttle the engine up slightly and then let it return to idle it gets worse for a moment and it also appears the clutch pulley has a bit of a discrepancy in speed when also looking at the belt. Use a feeler gage and check the gap at 4 evenly spaced points. 1986-1987 Jeep Comanche 2. 10% OFF $75. Should i   16 Jun 2017 A2A Compressors of air conditioners make a variety of noise. What could it be ? The compressor itself, the clutch, the serpentine belt (made the short Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. The serpentine belt was replaced not long ago. There is a bearing in the pulley that goes bad, Continuing to drive it will eventually cause the bearing to lock up or disintegrate probably breaking your serpentine belt. I'm not 100% sure the comp. Could be a fluid leak that wets the belt or pulley that gets cleaned off after a bit. a bearing mounted in the pulley and slipped on to the compressor nose, and (d) a coil that creates a magnetic field to pull the front hub into the drive pulley. 3 liter Dodge Caravan is still working but it is now making a terrible noise when it is engaged. The clutch is dependent on precise spacing between the clutch plate and pulley, a smooth bearing inside the pulley, and proper functioning of the electromagnetic coil to engage properly. Also similar to the This kind of noise may originate from your fan belt, alternator pulley, or from the modern serpentine belt, so you will have to figure out which one is the perpetrator. It could be its  My air conditioning quit working and a grinding noise under the hood so removed the drive belt and rotated the compressor pulley by hand to  The root of the problem was the A/C compressor had sludge in it which caused it to put harmful strain on the tension pulley. My car makes a noise when the AC is OFF. The compressor is working however as the revs do change when turned on and I can hear it. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 3rd gen T4Rs > AC Compressor or Idler Pulley Noise I suspected the noise to be pulley or belt. Part Number: RDXREPFD191142. Picked up a mechanic stethoscope from harbor freight and started poking around. I’m sure this belt does not drive the Dec 04, 2006 · Same goes with the compressor pulley (the part the belt rides on). The last cause of a squealing engine belt is simply an old belt. Once you turn on the AC the center part of the compressor, the AC clutch should engage and start to rotate with the pulley. Hi gen2lover, I have the same issue with my AC bearing. A/C COMPRESSOR BYPASS PULLEY. 3L, 190k. What could be causing this? BTW, the air still blows very cold, it never stops being cold. Probably the easiest thing to do is locate the appropriate relay and pull it. Part Number: MT2027; Notes: 10PA20C compressor 30mm inner diameter x 52mm outer diameter x 22mm Thick; @medtro Thank you sir. When you turn the AC on, an electromagnet pulls the front part of the clutch in and connect the compressor drive shaft to the pulley. , Ltd. An A/C delete/bypass pulley for your application would be a way to go, but it will involve pulling the compressor. A bearing in the AC Unit has bust and when the AC Compressor Pulley spins it’s making a metal on metal horrible noise. 19 Sep 2018 I saw a few posts about A/C system noise here and decided to write a topic with to the dealer on the next day we tried to replace the A/C compressor pulley, I'll investigate more today to see if it goes away with the AC off. I recall it should be . May 09, 2012 · It did it continuously. Air conditioning is one of many features on a luxury car that make for a superior driving experience, and when the A/C system on your Lincoln Town Car breaks down, you will find parts to repair and replace the air conditioning compressor and compressor Air conditioner noises: How to diagnose & repair air conditioning compressor noises from the compressor/condenser, air handler, duct work, filters, or controls Diagnose & repair air conditioning system noises: compressor, fans, air handler, ductwork Recordings of air conditioner or heat pump noises & sounds Air conditioner buzzing may be just a loose part Air conditioner humming, clanking Apr 06, 2017 · Adjust all the controls of the AC to MAX and then start off the engine. 012" to . Tacomas (2005-2015) Is the compressor turning, or is the belt just forcing it's way around a locked pulley? Belt squealing when AC starts. Compressor’s purpose is to add pressure to the system by taking the refrigerant and compressing it. The ac clutch pulley bearing is inside the pulley, not inside the compressor. PLEASE HELP!!! Aug 14, 2017 · 3. Can I just swap the pulley on the AC compressor or am I doomed to pay for a As the clutch on the compressor clicks on and off the noise gets louder and softer. Maybe use a rubber mallet if it needs some motivation. 9. If the noise is very noticeable and doesn't start until the AC is actually switched on then you probably do need a new compressor although it is worth looking to see if the car has a belt tensioner idler pulley as that might just be the source of the noise or maybe allowing the belt to screech. It's most likely the ball bearings for the AC Compressor pulley - there are separate bearings so the pulley can spin freely on the nose of the compressor when the air is off. If the compressor is bad, I would replace the pulley and clutch at the same time. Item Auto A/C Compressor Kit - REPFD191142 - Includes New Compressor, w/6-Groove Pulley, 4. If you get the noise when the ac compressor is turning, then the bearing/s inside of the compressor is/are bad and the compressor needs replacement. The Lincoln Town Car is a full-size luxury class automobile produced by Ford from 1981 to 2011. I was about 75% sure it was the A/C compressor pulley. I took the compreessor apart and found the front valve plate with one ear missing , It was stuck into the case of the compressor . Sep 20, 2017 · Your car’s AC system is designed to operate quietly and unobtrusively, so there should be little to no noise from an air conditioning system that’s in good working order. Low 40degF center vent 85degF+ high humidity outside. Loud or  For some years now my car AC compressor would vibrate alot and make nasty noises. My question is is the compressor going, pulleys, or belt? I did put WD40 on the ac compressor and the squeal went away. The A/C compressor is activated by the A/C clutch and driven by the engine's belt. You can't see the pulley from on top of the engine. Warm air at the vents. 5L. Place the tip of the stethoscope on the non-moving, center bolt of the idler pulley (shown in Figure 2). So I bought a whole new tensioner with the pulley and all. Feb 19, 2013 · The PCM switches on the A/C compressor by activating the coil inside the pulley to pull the clutch plates together to engage the compressor drive. Nov 20, 2015 · If you turn on the AC and immediately hear a rattling noise, there are a few potential causes: Compressor: If your AC compressor is beginning to fail, it can make a rattling noise. Joined Jun 20, 2008 · 5 Posts . 1994 sidekick jlx auto with r134a, 1995 used a different compressor and bracket, cost at dealer for new nippodenso compressor is $1,024 and receiver drier $120 (canadian, and thats with a 15% discount since I used to work at dealer) PLEASE USE THE RIGHT REFRIGERANT OIL, on compressor it says use 8 type nippo oil, THIS TRANSLATES TO PAG46 LOW MVS Contributor and Volvo DIY wizard CN90 posts another detailed procedure on Volvo P80 maintenance, this one is a DIY for a S70 GLT AC pulley bearing. I'm still hearing a noise, which after looking more closely it turns out to be the ac pulley. Use AC bypass pulley to replace AC compressor and keep the same belt setup Dorman Products manufacturers an AC compressor bypass pulley that installs in the exact same spot as your AC compressor. When compressor is "disengaged" the clutch is acting as just an idler pulley with a bearing. I listened to the noise with a mechanics stethoscope and determined that the noise was either coming from the air conditioning compressor pulley bearing or the belt tensioner. This guide will help you diagnose the problem when you start hearing strange noi When the vehicle is turned off or the air-conditioning compressor clutch is disengaged the system will equalize the pressure. These components provide the means to engage and disengage the A/C compressor from the engine accessory drive belt. b) With clutch disengaged, rotate pulley by hand. The compressor clutch is a high-wear item that will need to be inspected and replaced fairly often, it will create a rattle sometimes if it is wearing out though some vehicles Apr 10, 2017 · An AC clutch compressor is a type of compressor that derives its power from the car engine’s flywheel. my car was making a slight humming noise the othernight when i started it then i noticed the battery light was on i drove maybe 2 miles my car wouldnt shift to the next gear i put it in neutral for Oct 16, 2010 · Ugh, my A/C compressor pulley seized up this morning I tried disconnecting power to the compressor to disengage the clutch, but it still doesn't spin. Re: AC compressor Squeal Finally diagnosed a noise my van was making. An A/C compressor bypass pulley is a quick fix to quiet a car or truck’s noisy A/C compressor. It's makes the noise when the AC is off, but gets worse when the AC is turned on: Obio3 Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 9/16/2006 15:42:03: RE: AC Compressor Clutch/Pulley replacement IP: Logged Message: When the AC is on, everything in front of the pump becomes one solid part of the rotating shaft. Nov 14, 2010 · Usually its an AC compressor pulley so pay special attention to it. air conditioner pulley delphi ds150e delphi diagnostic ds150e air conditioner clutch air compressor 12v air compressor car tyre inflator speed controller for 220 Popular Products: autocom delphi clutch compressor air conditioner pulley ac delphi autoworld air conditioner clutch clutch hub compressor clutch spring compressor 12 v compressor Big pulley to the armature. I was thinking of replacing the complete AC compresor but since the price is quite high, I thought of only replacing the bearing. The 4 readings should be fairly close. The whining noise that it makes while turning, is it the same as the squealing noise? If so it could be a problem with the pump, check the fluid level and see if its an odd color or has an odd odor (like burnt or black). If it is the compressor then other components would need to be replaced with the compressor Nov 20, 2015 · Compressor: If your AC compressor is beginning to fail, it can make a rattling noise. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. Jul 06, 2015 · To isolate pulley bearing noise, use a mechanic's stethoscope. If it's the compressor making the noise and not the pulley/clutch, that should work. - I hear noise in either way This is why I started to think I want to try replacing AC pulley and clutch first. The sound comes and goes while the AC is on, most of the time I don't hear it. Compressor clutch failure is much more common on older vehicles. The fact that your compressor is making noise means the whole thing needs to be replaced. A dude stuck one of those long screwdrivers down onto the compressor and listened on the other end. There’s a possibility that your AC unit could be overworked! car is a '99 maxima. When the ac clutch pulley bearings die, the pulley wobbles as it turns, and if not corrected, the wobbling pulley makes contact with the ac clutch coil (located on the front of the ac compressor). So the noise is only there when the A/C clutch is engaged? The A/C is working fine though? If it was low on lubricant, usually the AC compressor won't cycle properly - it will rapidly turn on and off, something like 10+ times a minute. It is slipping ever so slightly, but if the belt has 100K on it then replacing it is wise as it is due. The only other possibility that comes to mind is that the compressor clutch bearing is bad or Jul 04, 2020 · Engine accessories on BMW E60 N54 (turbocharged) engines consist of the power steering pump, the alternator and the AC compressor. More of like bearings or something. Make sure the bad compressor didn't contaminate the system, or you will be doing it again. I have changed out the clutch plate, pulley, and bearing. The clutch drives the compressor, which sends refrigerant to the evaporator where refrigerant gets condensed. In general, AC compressors tend to fail after 60,000 to 70,000 miles, but that time may vary depending on use, demand and operating conditions. 49. Does it sound like the compressors bad, does the system need to be recharged, or could it be something else. One or more pulleys are fitted to hold these belts in position. I spun another pulley i had replaced 2 yrs ago and it was quite and smooth. Air conditioner rattle that’s caused by the compressor requires the most complex repair, because the compressor is the most vital component to the operation of your AC. You could also perform a cool-down test to verify it is working properly: Here, we have enlisted the best car ac compressor for your ac system. Sep 27, 2017 · Is this the AC compressor internals, the clutch, or the clutch bearing? The AC idler pulley has already been replaced. Problem, the car was blowing out hot air in the 100 degree heat of summer ALL SUMMER LONG. When it's not driving the compressor, the clutch pulley turns on a double row of ball bearings. Advantages: Make low noise, resistant to rust or corrosion. (System not in a vacuum. Starting about a month ago, the car developed a whining sound while the AC is turned on. You are *required* to use the date. Feb 16, 2012 · Slackened belt off then removed the compressor from it's mounting, put a gearbox stand under it to support it while we worked. the noise goes away when engaged (AC on). I figured it was just the belt got old, maybe stretched or something. The belt had fallen off the air compressor pulley and was lodged between it and the air compressor. The belt was still on the tensioner pulley and crank pulley. The AC compressor and alternator are driven by a belt that is driven by the engines harmonic balance pulley. As most of the vehicles now are equipped with an air-conditioning system, the AC compressor is the most important part which starts the AC cycle and therefore, that’s why if it fails, it decreases the efficiency of the AC system. May 30, 2005 · If the compressor is only making noise when the A/C *is* engaged (ie cooling) then the answer is a lot easier, just stop using A/C, or if you like, unplug one of the wires going to the compressor clutch. In addition, a malfunctioning compressor can unnecessarily waste the power generated by the engine. I'm not sure it should have been doing it that often, but it wasn't much more than 70 degrees outside at the time. Apr 12, 2013 · Since you mention that the noise is 'loud and constant' when you have the A/C on, then perhaps the issue is that the A/C compressor clutch has failed, or the compressor is otherwise frozen, and the belt is having to slip on the compressor pulley? Jul 30, 2014 · I have a 2000 Chevy blazer 4wd I have replaced the alternator air conditioner compressor water pump serpentine belt idler and tension pulley and I still have that noise when I start my vehicle in the morning its consistent when I drive off the noise is again consistant'after the car is warmed up and its idling the noise stops but one I Excessive noise in operation. Top 5 Auto Repairs 47,035 views. I removed both engine covers and the noise seems to be comming from the air conditioners compressor pulley/clutch. Also, soon after the noise started my car began having trouble starting. The pulley bearing is turning all the time, even with the a/c off. So i need this then? Santech A/C Clutch Bearing. Is that Hi all. And the noise may be coming from the AC compressor even though it is the pulley. Auto ac compressor clutch assembly. Losing the belt while commuting is far more expensive than simply replacing it. How the A/C Works The basics of the A/C System. When I turn my AC / defrost on the AC compressor makes a Rawr Rawr Rawr sound. Can remove AC Compressor pulley without damaging motor? 3 Answers. a) Remove drive belt. There's a bearing in there that could make the noise only when the compressor is on. 4pk Pulley Auto Ac 10s11c Compressor For Suzuki Indomobil Jk447280-0470 447280-0470 , Find Complete Details about 4pk Pulley Auto Ac 10s11c Compressor For Suzuki Indomobil Jk447280-0470 447280-0470,447280-0470,Jk447280-0470,10s11c Compressor For Suzuki Indomobil from Other Air Conditioning Systems Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Yixiang Auto Parts Factory It works well, blows cold, but there is sort of a grinding noise coming from the compressor. 1L. A/C Compressor and Clutch for Lincoln Town Car. If a unit is noisy at one speed and quiet at another, it is not compressor noise. Dealer quoted around $30-$40 for the labor + oil here in Bulgaria. pulley assembly (3), shims (7) and a clutch plate (2) that is splined to the compressor shaft and secured by a bolt (1). In my case it also makes noise at idle (waiting at a red light for instance). Liquid lock of the compressor; A/C blowing hot air Compressors switches on then off very quickly. The hissing sound is the Freon from the high pressure side slowly feeding into the low pressure side and this is completely normal. If excessive roughness or wobble is found, replace the clutch rotor assembly. Sep 24, 2013 · (ac compressor clutch bearing sanden trse07 35mm 48mm 20mm civic) I also found on eBay a set that includes the clutch+pulley+washers+instructions on how to DIY without disconnecting the A/C hoses. If it's not the tensioner pulley causing the noise then it's likely the compressor itself, not the compressor pulley. 1L Order A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. At first I thought it was a bad pulley. The only way is change a new AC compressor. 4L. Excessive noise in operation. I just replaced one recently on may vehicle and it fixed it. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? AC compressor replacement If you have noticed that your AC compressor is worn out, try to replace it as soon as possible. I ordered an AC clutch, around $80 to $90, pulled the old clutch, not TOO difficult. If it’s nothing to worry about then the noise will be slight and only last for a few minutes. 10 May 2019 When the familiar hum of your Charlotte, NC home's air conditioner is interrupted by unfamiliar noises, it's a good idea to be concerned. Can anyone else verify the sound of a AC compressor on it's last leg? Try changing the pulley and the oil of the compressor, cheapest approach. The pulley guides these belts so that they do not interfere with other parts of the engine and give the pulleys a better grip. Oct 11, 2011 · The noise was definitely a bearing sound. AC Compressor Pulley Noise (with video) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. Could also be power steering pump or water pump. Our technicians tell us that replacing the AC compressor will commonly correct this concern. From what I've read on here my understanding is it could be the clutch if it makes noise when the AC is OFF. I was under the impression that the pulley could be pulled off and replaced, but a local mechanic is telling me that it needs a whole new compressor because it's all one assembly. At Advance Auto, we carry 19 different types of A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley products for your Ford at competitive prices to fit your budget. If I rev the engine higher, or disengage the compressor (pressing the ECON button) the noise stops. Could this be a bad bearing? If I remove the belt and spin the pulley by hand, it is smooth but makes a light metallic grinding sound. Belt: If the serpentine  Auto ac compressor clutch assembly. If I stop the engine with the AC still on, I can't move the central compressor clutch by hand. AC Compressor Clutch Assy FS10 PV8 5. 6L Tech. So I bought a new one, put it on, and started the car and the AC. drive home and did not get the sound. My AC compressor is making a terrible squealing noise. Sep 21, 2010 · Its pretty self explanitory. AC worked great on both compressors. Here are some of the more common types and causes of A/C compressor noise. So i removed the pulley and by chance I started the car without it and that noise was gone. I *think* that the AC compressor is starting to fail, I hear a rattling noise that is much louder when the AC is on. I finally got a mechanic to check it and he pointed out that belt was fine but the ac compressor's front clutch is broken. if the noise changes with rpm and you are hearing it near the ac compressor then it could be the ac pulley bearing test if it is the compressor by listening and then turning the ac off the pulley will still spin but the compressor stops if the noise remains , replace the pulley bearings Jun 18, 2002 · Now, the noise does not appear to be a bearing in the pulley since on most days, when the sound is not on, the pulley spins without any noises. M. Noises that could indicate the need for a/c compressor service or replacement include: Growling noise with compressor disengaged Whistling noise Grinding noise Squealing noise […] I was able to locate it to the passengers side, then to the pulley attached to the AC compressor. Refit the compressor, & tension belt. About 3 weeks ago, the compressor started making a loud clicking noise when it would kick in and the noise would continue until it cycled off. Take a look at the front of the compressor clutch to see whether it as well as the pulley are spinning or not. roblaneac. Other reasons why your AC makes noise. 9% of all compressor problems are not related to product failure, but from a poor understanding of A/C system operation, maintenance and repair. Re: AC Compressor/Pulley Noise Unless you buy the special tools (for one time use) to remove the clutch plate, a three-jaw puller for the rest of the operation, and finding a replacement clutch assembly cheaper than a used whole compressor w/clutch, this isn't done. A single multi-ribbed engine drive belt (often called the serpentine belt) is driven by the crankshaft pulley (vibration damper) and drives the accessories pulleys at the front of the engine. For parts  20 Nov 2015 Pulley: If the compressor pulley bearings are failing, they can make noises, generally a grinding, roaring or squealing noise. These are UAC CO 4918AC – An Outstanding AC Compressor for Car, ACDelco 15-20941 – A Superb Compressor for Your Vehicle, UAC CO 10736C - A Great Compressor for Truck, Suv and Car, New AC Compressor Kit – An Effective Kit for Honda CR-V and Si Coupe, RYC AC Compressor and Clutch – A Great Package for Your Vehicle The “one other pulley” that I described is the only other pulley on this belt (other than the crankshaft pulley itself) and I was simply asking if I’m correct in concluding that this is the pulley for the AC compressor (for anyone familiar with the Mazda3). 29's,3. 4. The sound is only there at idle speed or up to 1500 rpm. Unusual Noise Not Due to Compressor: Unusual noises may be caused by components other than the compressor. We pulled off belts (Alt / Pulley / AC ) until the noise went away. We often get asked if we can supply a new car air conditioning compressor (aircon pump) clutch plate, or pulley as the unit on the car is noisy. If it does, then there could be an objectionable noise from the compressor clutch, belt or idler pulley. ac compressor pulley noise

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