Contract Research & Medicinal Chemistry

Saadvi Life Sciences has the people, facilities, and scientific experience to execute comprehensive research and development projects for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, and agro-sciences fields. At Saadvi Life Sciences, we work closely with our clients, under strict confidentiality and IP control to fulfill the most complex projects.

Custom Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules:
Saadvi Life Sciences offers a bespoke service to synthesize milligram to multi-kilogram quantities of complex organic compounds using our clients developed chemistry or procedures or those developed in our laboratories. Saadvi Life Sciences excels at providing products with well-documented chemistry and analytical data to meet our clients’ expectations. We have successfully completed more than 100,000 chemistry steps to synthesize and produce complex organic compounds for our clients.

FTE- Based Contract Research and Development:
If your company’s chemistry, discovery chemistry rationale, or scope of synthetic chemistry work is not fully defined, then an FTE arrangement may be the best option to ensure maximum flexibility. Saadvi Life Sciences will provide talented chemists on a full-time basis in North Carolina or in India to assist with your needs. The day-to-day activities of your resources will be managed locally by our experienced management, but the scientist’s workload, chemistry, and direction of the schedule are directed by your company. This FTE approach allows for the rapid change of chemistry and scope of work. Under these circumstances, our chemists operate as an extension of your current resources.

Research Service Specialties:
Saadvi Life Sciences can provide the following capabilities to aid in drug research and development either on a fee-for-service or FTE basis:

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Synthesis of Focused Libraries & Analogues
  • Synthesis of Reference Standards & Metabolites
  • Synthesis of Stable Labeled Compounds
  • Synthesis of Lead Compounds & NCEs
  • Lead Optimization & Parallel Synthesis
  • Novel Template Molecules Ready for Purchase
  • Custom Synthesis at Milligrams to Kilograms